Provides oversight of the pipeline and opportunities to engage in presenting innovative solutions for the region, our companies, and members. The Committee reviews the progress of the accelerator programs and assesses opportunities to engage in the community.

Program and Planning Committee

Provides oversight of the pipeline and opportunities to engage in presenting innovative solutions for the region, our companies, and members. The Committee reviews the progress of the accelerator programs and assesses opportunities to engage in the community.


Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding TBLC’s positions on public policy and oversees advocacy initiatives in support of TBLC’s position on respective issues.


Is in charge of issues concerning Latin America. This Committee works with supporter networks and has relationships in place for rapid responses to challenges in regard to socioeconomic issues and/or natural disasters.


Serves as a hub for educational and business partners to work together to ensure our workforce is prepared for tomorrow. Primarily, aiding to increase the graduation rates for Latino students.


Identify issues affecting our community and develops forums and programs to examine and act on those issues at the local and state level. They meet monthly to review local, county, state, and national legislation which directly or indirectly impacts our Chamber members, the business community, and the community.


Carlos Gutierrez

A dedicated board member and actively contributing to the Innovation Committee at the Tampa Bay Latin Chamber, he plays a crucial role in ensuring the chamber consistently provides value to the economic growth for our small businesses.
Beyond his commitment to the Tampa Bay Latin Chamber, Carlos actively supports the community through various give-back events and serves on the TACT committee for Prospera USA, aiding the growth of Hispanic business owners.
With over 15 years of banking experience, Carlos has earned numerous accolades in business banking and retail leadership. Leveraging his corporate expertise, he now serves as the President and part owner of Financially Fluent while concurrently expanding his real estate portfolio.
Carlos’s multifaceted background and achievements make him a standout fit for our board. As a member of the Innovation Committee at the Tampa Bay Latin Chamber, his deep engagement within the Tampa Bay community, leadership roles, and involvement with organizations such as the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber, Be Great Foundation, The Bullard Foundation, and Prospera USA demonstrate his wealth of knowledge in finances, credit, and small business, along with his passion for community service. Carlos Gutierrez is poised to bring valuable insights and a genuine commitment to community enrichment.

Yoey Rodriguez

As a valued member of our board, Yoey Rodriguez, plays a pivotal role in driving strategic growth and fostering innovation within our organization. Her diverse experiences and unwavering commitment to community initiatives sets her apart. Her extensive background, problem-solving acumen, and dedication align seamlessly with our organization’s values and goals. This makes her an invaluable asset to our board.
Embarking on her entrepreneurial journey at 18, Yoey possesses a versatile background across various sectors. Armed with a B.A. in Business Management and add’l education in Legal Studies, her commitment to continuous learning enriches her career and more recently contribution into Deep Machine Learning and A.I. Technologies.
From increasing profits or cash flow by two digits to managing small staff and up to two hundred volunteers in for profit or non profit environments, Yoey led by serving others. In her latest endeavor as President of Stargate Recruiters, she scaled revenue making the company profitable after only two years during the pandemic. Beyond her professional achievements, Yoey is committed to community betterment and actively involved with multiple organizations serving as a mentor and volunteer. She is a proud mother of a beautiful daughter, and enjoys playing the drums in her spare time.

Diana Gonzalez

Diana Gonzalez, a board member of the Innovation Committee, provides invaluable insights into emerging trends and marketing initiatives. Beyond her commitment to the committee, Diana’s active involvement in community organizations like Emerging Leaders of Tampa Bay reflects her dedication to making a positive impact in the Tampa Bay are. She is eager to help the Latin community grow by fostering educational opportunities, promoting networking, and encouraging entrepreneurship. Driven by a passion for languages and cultures, she speaks Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English.

Diana, born and raised in Colombia, seamlessly integrates her athletic achievements with academic and professional success. As a former national champion in cheerleading, she later pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Colombia. Then, she was selected for a dual degree program at Tulane University, where she studied marketing and management and graduated with honors. Diana is currently doing her master’s in marketing at the University of South Florida. She also works as an online marketing coordinator for Seek Capital, a California-based financial company helping small businesses with funding solutions. 


Nestor Melendez

An accomplished Educational Professional with over two decades of dedicated service in the Higher Education industry, Nestor brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.
Throughout his career he has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to fostering positive relationships, both within the academic community and beyond. With a proficiency in strategic planning and project management he’s contributed significantly to the growth and success of the institutions he’s worked with.
One of his key strengths lies in driving campus-wide programs that actively promote engagement among students and faculty. He is passionate about creating a vibrant learning environment that encourages not only academic excellence but also personal and professional advancement. His initiatives foster a safe and inclusive space where diverse perspectives are valued.
Being community-focused and learner-centered has been at the core of his administrative philosophy. By leveraging his extensive network, he’s created innovative solutions and ensured equitable access to educational opportunities for all students. He firmly believes in the transformative power of education and strives to make a positive impact on the lives of those within the academic community.
HIs track record and relationships speak to his ability to navigate the complexities of Higher Education administration, making him an asset to any institution. He is excited to continue contributing his skills and passion for education to drive positive change and elevate the learning experience for students and faculty alike.